You knew the moment you saw those blue lights behind you that the next few months of your life would get a bit more complicated. Even simple traffic tickets can put a damper on your day and make a major dent in your wallet. Some major traffic violations can even carry a severe penalties that you had no idea existed. Altogether, the process is confusing, stressful and not something the average person is equipped to deal with professionally.

Enter: your local traffic court attorney. We can fight on your behalf and represent you for the best course of action. Even better, local attorneys know the ins and outs of the courthouse that your ticket is being prosecuted under, opening up all sorts of opportunities that you would have never had on your own.

If you still are not sure that you could benefit greatly from hiring a local lawyer to defend your traffic ticket, here are five compelling reasons to consider:

  1. Hiring a Local Lawyer Is Convenient and Saves You Time

Approaching a lawyer after your traffic citation immediately begins to make the process feel easier. You can meet them in their offices nearby and they will be familiar with how the type of traffic violation you had is handled in your area.

A local lawyer can then work on your behalf and spare you a great deal of time that would otherwise be spent in the courthouse. Court procedure moves very slowly, and people who represent themselves often get left waiting while defendants with attorneys get picked ahead of them. That reason alone is enough for some people who know what a pain waiting around in court can be.

  1. A Local Lawyer Is Likely Have A Personal Relationship With Your Judge or Prosecutor

Lawyers have an interesting relationship with their local law community. Although they are often pitted against people like solicitors and district attorneys during cases, they often develop friendships with these people outside the courtroom. After all, a lawyer’s work is their business, not a personal vendetta.

Over time, lawyers become familiar with the personalities of people who may be handling your traffic case. As such, a local lawyer is in a much better position to request something like reducing their client’s charges than would a total stranger trying to persuade their prosecutor.

  1. A Local Lawyer Is Familiar with Your Courthouse’s Culture

Some judges have pet peeves, and some court systems special administrative processes. A local lawyer can be familiar with both of these things in ways that benefit your cause. For instance, a lawyer could request a courtroom where they know that a prosecutor has a history of reducing speeding charges, or they could avoid a courtroom with a judge who has no tolerance for DUI cases.

  1. Police Will Not Bargain with Defendants, Nor Will Most Prosecutors

About the only concession you will get out of a police officer is the option to plead guilty and reduce your fine. This type of deal still leaves you with consequences like points on your license and increased insurance premiums.

A local lawyer often knows how to negotiate better deals than that with police officers and prosecutors in ways that benefit their client. They have likely done it hundreds of times before, after all.

  1. The Consequences Could Be Worse Than You Think

Did you know that your first DUI in Georgia can come with a one year prison sentence? Imagine a single mistake landing you in prison for an entire year without seeing your friends and family, not to mention without a job to come back to.

A local lawyer will know about these worst case scenarios and help you avoid them at all costs. Most laws are written so that judges and prosecutors can seek flexible sentencing options based on their view of the case. Do something that offends them or miss a cue like your first court date, and you just may be facing the maximum penalty. Local lawyers are skilled at negotiating lesser sentences for traffic tickets and avoiding severe consequences like these.

As you can see, a local lawyer is a great person to have in your corner after a traffic ticket. Let us help you get a better deal and avoid the worst penalties by soliciting our traffic ticket defense attorney services. Don’t make the mistake of going it alone. Call us today!