Alamo Attorney

Ralph Jackson’s Law Offices have been distinguished as Georgia’s most valued law firm. We understand that sometimes bad things happen to good people, and we are here to help. Our attorneys make every effort possible to provide you the service you need. Our traffic and criminal case consultations are free of charge for everyone.

The Jackson Law Firm has been serving the Alamo area and its neighbors for over twenty years. Since 1995, we have been fulfilling our promises of helping people get the best possible outcome, despite their situations. Whether you have committed a misdemeanor or a felony, we are here to help. We can try to get your charges dropped or lowered, saving you time and giving you a peace of mind.

Our most common cases involve the following issues:

  • Alcohol or drug related crimes, such as DUI, minor in possession, open container, public intoxication, and possession of marijuana or other drugs.
  • Speeding or other traffic violations, especially those along Interstate 16 that runs from Macon to Savannah.
  • The Georgia Super Speeder ticket, given by a local officer or a Georgia State Patrol
  • Life changing situations for minors and young adults

In addition, we also help with personal injury or domestic cases and can represent you at any state, supreme, municipal, or probate court. Our attorneys have years of experience and are extremely familiar with local, state, and federal laws. Most likely, we have already helped someone who was in your exact situation and know how to assist you.

A charge on your account can and will affect the rest of your life. Having a record can revoke your driver’s license, prevent a job interview, or take away other privileges. Fortunately, our lawyers stay up-to-date on new and proposed laws so that your case can be resolved quickly. The Jackson Law Firm is known and respected by local authorities and will help you restore your life back to normal.

No one should go through this process alone. Make sure you are prepared for your court date and have a knowledgeable and skilled attorney with you. The earlier you can do this, the better. Your assigned lawyer will save you court time by doing research beforehand and will improve your chances in the court room.

You are not alone. Let Ralph Jackson Law Offices help you. Call today. 478-272-7607