Personal Injury Lawyer

Proudly serving the Bleckley County area and surrounding cities in the state, Ralph Jackson Law Offices have helped students, young adults, and working professionals with their legal needs since 1995. We are the best in the state, because we make it a goal that our clients get the best outcome possible. Our attorneys have years of experience and are constantly researching new and proposed laws. We provide free traffic and criminal case consultations to all individuals.

“I have three kids in college and have used Ralph Jackson Law Offices for their help each time my children have gotten in trouble. These attorneys know what they are doing, and were able to lower each charge my kids were faced with.” – K. Baker

Our law offices commonly solve cases involving traffic violations, such as speeding, reckless driving, or DUIs, cases with charges placed on a minor, young adult, or college student, and cases where you may need a local lawyer to save you time from court.

Any charge, especially at a young age can and will impact your life forever. Get the justice and help you deserve by calling Ralph Jackson Law Offices today. We are familiar with federal, state, and local laws and can travel to any state, superior, municipal, or probate court.

Most commonly, we help people with speeding or other tickets on Interstate 16 that runs from Macon to Savannah. Our attorneys are extremely familiar with the Georgia Super Speeder Law and can help you fight this traffic citation.

In addition, we have expertise in helping young adults and minors keep their driver’s licenses and erase criminal records. We understand that a driver’s license is necessary to get to school and work and that having a record at a young age can impact your life forever. Let Ralph Jackson’s Law Offices help you sort out these problems and get your life back on track.

If you must appear in court, you will want an experienced attorney with you. Take one of our lawyers to better your chances at the court hearing. You should not go through this process alone, and we are here to help you.

There is a reason we have been in business for over twenty years—we strive to help and serve the community in the best way possible. Call and see what we can do for you today. 478-272-7607