Your Georgia Defense Attorney

If a person has to appear in front of a judge or jury a person shouldn’t do it by themselves. The United States Constitution gives you the right to have an attorney assist you in your case. Ideally, an attorney should be involved from the beginning of legal process.

Please consult an attorney if you are charged with a crime. If you cannot afford an attorney and a public defender is available we encourage you to go that route. If you have the ability we would like you to hire an experienced law firm to help you in your case.

Georgia Crimes are defined in Title 16 of the Official Code of Georgia. We represent people in all types of crimes. We have experience in everything from the simplest to the most complicated offenses. Whatever the situation, we can help make it better.

We handle felonies and misdemeanors. We help people in charges related to drugs, theft and the death of an individual. Crimes can affect your liberty, your finances and some will affect your right to operate a motor vehicle. The worst thing to do when charged with a crime is absolutely nothing.


We represent people regarding the following matters:

• Bond Hearings
• Jury Trials
• Not Guilty Pleas
• Sentencing
• Motions to Suppress
• Probation Violation Hearings
• Magistrate Court Hearings
• Municipal Court Hearings

• Probate Court
• State Court
• Superior Court
• Motions for a new trial
• Appeals to the Georgia Supreme Court
• Appeals to the Georgia Court of Appeals
• In many other aspects of Criminal law