You may have heard about people wanting you to “shop local” recently. This movement intends to help out local business owners, but it also protects the interest of local customers. After all, a big chain store may not care about your community the same way that a mom and pop store would. Also, spending money locally ensures that money goes to benefit someone else in a community instead of a bigwig in a corporate office somewhere.

All of these “shop local” benefits, along with countless more, apply when it comes to hiring an attorney. You will get much better service personalized to the laws of your area, and you will be participating in a local law community that has been active in one form or another for many decades, if not centuries. 

Avoid “Franchise” Lawyers

Many law offices in metro areas become so successful that the firm opens up “satellite offices” in other big cities around the country. While each lawyer in these firms may be great at their job, the remote nature of their leadership can potentially create problems for you.

For instance, calling an attorney for their help may get you passed off to another attorney in the firm who forgets to tell you when they will get back to you. In the meantime, you are sweating and do not know how or when your case will be handled.

These problems happen fairly often in big firms, especially when they are trying to serve clients several hours away. Smaller firms are less likely to let you slip through the cracks, and they can give you more personal service since they will be familiar with your community. It’s the difference between ordering a generic cake from a megastore and having a local baker custom make one for you to be as delicious and beautiful as possible. 

Local Lawyers Are Part of Your Local Law Community

Local lawyers, prosecutors, judges and police officers see each other all the time. Eventually, everyone develops a working relationship with one another that makes the day tend to go by more smoothly.

These working relationships often benefit local lawyers’ clients more than anyone else. Being familiar with the prosecutor on your case means that your local lawyer may know how to convince that prosecutor to cut you some slack. Other times, a local lawyer can help you find out if the judge handling your case has strong opinions about certain things like showing up to court in casual attire. Local lawyers help you steer around such mistakes while using their connections with the local law community to get work done faster and in a way that helps their clients.

You Know What You’re Getting

As mentioned before, big law offices can sometimes tend to bounce people around between multiple attorneys. On top of that, they may have obscure service fees that do not really benefit anyone other than the person whose name is on the sign who lives in a city thousands of miles away.

Know exactly who you are going to be talking to, and receive honest, fair treatment from them at all times. That kind of service does not always come from a stranger, but it does from a neighbor who knows when they see a fellow community member in need.

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