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DUI and Traffic Cases

If you have received a citation for Driving Under the Influence it is important that you see an attorney right away and supply all paperwork that you received when you were arrested. There are some documents that can suspend your license without you ever appearing in court. We have a lot of experience handling these types of cases. We will fight for you and explore legal arguments to aid in your particular incident.

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Family Law

Family Lawyer that knows how to handle these complex and emotional cases. Family or domestic situations can be a very difficult time for everyone concerned. We believe there is no “winning” in a domestic case, only an opportunity to improve a bad situation. We like helping people and we do our best to fight to make things better. Call us today. We represent people regarding the following matters…

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Criminal Law

If a person has to appear in front of a judge or jury a person shouldn’t do it by themselves. The United States Constitution gives you the right to have an attorney assist you in your case. Ideally, an attorney should be involved from the beginning of legal process. Please consult an attorney if you are charged with a crime. If you have the ability we would like you to hire an experienced law firm to help you in your case.

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