Too many people go through life unaware of the legal rights that they are throwing away day after day. You would be amazed at how often someone gets taken advantage of in a situation simply because they were ignorant of the rights they had.

Do not lot this fate happen to you. Find an experienced local lawyer who can handle cases in multiple fields and put them on speed dial. You can consult them any time you need advice, and when you get in a bind they can have your back to defend your rights as well as they can.

So, to encourage you to find an attorney and keep their number tucked away in the event that something sketchy happens, here are some of the top reasons to put a local lawyer on speed dial. 

1. Protect Yourself from Illegal Detainment, Questioning or Harassment from Law Enforcement

Police officers have incredibly difficult, stressful jobs. They sometimes try to make their jobs easier by trying to convince someone to do something simply by acting assertive. Realize that you have a right in most situations to not be harassed and to enjoy your personal freedom, regardless of how that officer’s week has been going.

As an example, your neighbor might have the cops called on them after getting in a loud argument with their girlfriend. When the police arrive, they may want you to make a statement on the matter. You have a right to refuse, but refusing may encourage the officer to intimidate you and suggest that they could detain you because of some random suspicion or another.

Having a lawyer on speed dial can help you get advice in this situation and avoid unnecessary confrontations with police officers. Sometimes all it takes is the right phrase said in the right way to politely convince them that you are not worth their trouble. 

2. Make a Statement and Get Advice Before Police Arrive

If you are on the other side of the scenario above and had the cops called on you during an argument with your significant other, you know how nerve-wracking it can be waiting for the cops to arrive. Before they get there, you can explain what happened to your lawyer and understand the best course of action to take.

Similarly, getting in a verbal fight at a bar can end up with police being involved. Contact your lawyer and give them your side of the story to plan on what to do next and avoid unnecessary consequences.

3. Divorces and Submitting Documents

When going through a divorce or undergoing any legal process, there is a lot of red tape to comply with. Legal paperwork must be filled out and filed appropriately so that it can express what you want it to and get in the right hands.

Consulting a lawyer during the process of filling out these documents can help you avoid making mistakes or filing them in an inefficient way. For instance, maybe your local court never checks their online forms, so submitting paperwork in person is a smarter idea.

In other situations like a divorce, you may wonder if the action you are about to take is sound. From withdrawing money out of your joint account to deciding whether it is okay to spend the night with another person during your separation, a lot of legal gray areas can come up. Making the wrong decision can easily hurt your case and land you in trouble, so keep a local lawyer on speed dial who can steer you down the smartest path. 

Let us be your local lawyers to call in times of need. You can come in and receive a consultation even if you have no specific case you are worried about. Getting your name in our system, shaking hands and letting us know you have us on speed dial can be the start of a productive relationship that helps you avoid trouble any way you can. Call us today to find out more.