Knowing what questions to bring to the table during your DUI lawyer consultation can make a big difference in how your case moves forward. Getting charged with a DUI can be a heart-wrenching experience, but the outcome is never written in stone. Come prepared for your DUI consultation with the following questions to find out if your local lawyer is qualified to handle your case and what your outcome might be:

How Experienced Are You with DUI Law and DUI Cases?

The best DUI lawyer to have on your side is usually one who has done hundreds of DUI cases before. By being familiar with the complexities of DUI law as well as how DUI cases are handled in Dublin or elsewhere in Georgia, your lawyer has a number of huge advantages.

First, they know the process well enough to not overlook any legal recourse. Second, they are probably familiar with the people who are handling your case, up to and including the police officer who arrested you and the prosecutor you are facing.

For these reasons, asking how many cases your potential DUI lawyer has handled both in his or her career and within the past year can be a good way to check how skilled they are at dealing with DUI charges in Georgia.

How Long Have You Practiced Law in the County/City I Am Charged In?

Local lawyers have created working relationships with many of the people they see on a daily basis. If they happen to be acquainted with the people involved on your case, they may have a better opportunity to request more favorable deals or help you avoid the worst sentences.

Do You Know the Prosecutor/Judge Assigned to My Case?

Again, knowing someone involved in your case can make things go smoothly and potentially work out more in your favor.

How Do You Typically Handle DUI Cases?

Many lawyers prefer to plea bargain immediately. Others want to fight the charges tooth and nail, no matter how guilty their client appears. Both approaches make sense in certain situations, but not as a blanket reaction to every situation.

Ask your DUI attorney if they have a specific way to handle cases to ensure that they will not ignore your best interests in order to satisfy their own routines. Also ask for examples of the last few case outcomes to see exactly what their typical approach is.

How Does My Case Look?

Guessing the outcome of your case is impossible, but explaining what makes your case harder or easier to defend can give you perspective on how you should handle things moving forward. Remember that even cases that look difficult on paper might have a shining light of hope buried behind obscure legal defenses or techniques.

What Are My Options?

Naturally, you will want to know what options are available to you. Will there be an option to pursue community service for a lessened sentenced? How long will my license be revoked and can it be reduced? An attorney has dozens of legal paths they can take to handle your DUI case, and as the client, you should have complete authority in selecting the path that best fits your needs.

Do You Have Any Special Experience Handling DUIs Outside of Your Law Practice?

Some lawyers have been assistant district attorneys, public defenders or even police officers who have handled DUI cases in the past. This outside perspective gives them unique insight for their job and helps them avoid making assumptions that can come back to haunt their clients.

These are just some of the questions worth asking your DUI lawyer during a consultation. Of course there are endless case-specific questions you should speak with your attorney about, but these simple questions will give you insight on how qualified the lawyer is and how your case appears from their perspective.

Put these questions to the test by asking our experienced DUI lawyers during a consultation for your DUI charges. We are eager to help out our clients in defending their DUI charges any way we can, and that includes starting with a relationship built on trust and open discussions. Call us today to arrange your DUI lawyer consultation.