Being charged with a crime can be one of the most nerve-wracking experiences in your entire life, and as a result many people make mistakes afterward. Ensure that you build the best possible case by following the best practices for people who are charged with a crime. Keep in mind that these best practices do not apply to every case and may not help everyone in every situation, but they can be generally smart rules to follow. 

1. Cooperate with Police Demands While You Are Under Arrest

Your Fifth Amendment rights allow you to remain silent most of the time during an arrest, but you are still expected to comply with police or else you could face charges for obstruction or resisting arrest. Comply with any requests police make short of saying something that might incriminate you. Behaving badly during your arrest paints a negative picture of you as a defendant and can imply guilt in the eyes of the court system.

Even if police are doing something fishy or outright illegal, you unfortunately cannot do much about it without legal representation in most situations. Take note of that officer’s name and sit tight until you can speak with an attorney in order to seek out justice for their wrongdoing. 

2. Tell Police That You Do Not Feel Comfortable Speaking to Them Without an Attorney

Your right to an attorney is one of your strongest allies when facing criminal charges. During your arrest, you can sometimes present a police officer with a business card that discloses your preferred attorney and that they will speak on your behalf. Other times, you will have to wait until you are in jail and get a phone call or are released from custody before you are able to contact an attorney.

Either way, refuse to make formal statements to the police until you are able to have an attorney present. Be polite but firm when you assert this so as not to provoke anyone unnecessarily. 

3. Find a Local Lawyer Qualified to Represent You

The Dublin court system has a particular way of doing things, so you are always better off hiring a local lawyer to hear the facts on your case and represent you in your time of need. Look for a criminal justice lawyer who has experience both with your charges and your local court system to get the best results.

Also, do not discuss your case with anyone, since prosecutors can potentially gather evidence or call up witnesses using anyone you know, including friends and family. You never know when talking about a case could be the thing that gets you convicted.

Finally, pay attention to all your court dates and legal requirements. The last thing you want to do is miss paying a fee or miss showing up in court and receiving a bench warrant on top of your current charges. 

These suggestions will not solve your problems, but they can definitely help most people avoid creating whole new problems for themselves. What is always key is that you use a local lawyer to ensure that your rights are honored and that your case is presented in the best light possible.

Use our criminal law attorneys to fight for you and potentially get your charges dropped or reduced as much as possible given your situation. Call us today!